About Us

The Fashionable Affair begins!!

Our romance with fashion began a long time back. It was in 2006 we started our wedding and formal dress workshop in Shanghai. Before that we were making customized wedding dresses for more than ten years. We were young then, called ourselves Lovedream. Then we became Adorona, our business grew from pillar to post, our dresses were loved and appreciated.

The story goe slike this, while designing our own dresses, we were also doing OEM for some European clients. This was our learning curve. We beagn to know exactly what the client requires- urgent need of dresses, option for shorter or longer hemlines, availablity of designs in various colors, preference of a particular silhouette over another and more.

We had grown up and were ready to dress up women fabulously. But we did not go into the battlefield unprepared. Extensive research into trends, fabrics, preferences, and the fashion history was done by us and then we implemented our knowledge by designing small quanity of made-to-order dresses.

Adorona Arrives!!

Soon our dresses began to be loved by brides and their entourage and we had our hands full. We were making stunning dresses for our brides, lovely fabrics came together to make bridesmaids' dresses that would complement the bride and our cute yet exquisite flower-girl dresses stole hearts everywhere.

While Adorona brides were becoming known everywhere for their exclusive style, our celebrity, prom and evening dresses were making fashion headlines everywhere. Inimitable silhouettes, highest quality fabrics and embellishments and most alluring fits became synonymous with Adorona.

The Labour Behind the Luxury

Our craftsmen and sewers put in exhaustive hours of work to make you the most amazing dress. Fabric slection, inspection and then the designing and precision involves a lot of hard work both manually as well on the computer using various softwares. Much adjustments, alterations and modifications are made to every dress before the final product is unveiled.

We begin with making sample drawings after our thorough research into styles and silhouettes. A laborious process of getting just the right style is ensued where our experts make a design and keep working on it till it seems just perfect. Close examination of different and alternative fabrics are made for the lining, sashes, embellishments and the dress itself. Our tailors finally decide which fabrics in what measures will do justice to the design.

Adorona has some of the best sewers who then put together the chosen fabric and cut beautifully and spin out mesmerizing dresses. What follows is a long process of getting the details right. Pleats ruching, applique embellishments and bead adornments to give the right look to the garment is a tough process. Each dress needs to be embellished differently. Our Craftsmen take utmost care to ensure concistency, quality and aesthetic appeal in all the garments. Finally a complete quality-check is done for every product before they are dispalyed to the client.

Besides that, products are also kept in a semi-prepared state, so that your customized garment: say you want a particular garment in a different color or with a lace-up back instead of zipper, reaches you quickly, without the delay usually associated with customized garments.

Each stitch, each pleat, each bead and every subtle fall and drape of the dresses are repeatedly checked before the product reaches the customer.

Just For You

Adorona now customizes garments exactly how u want, the style, the color, the length as you want. What we require will be your personalized measurements which you can send through our special measurement guide and your dress will reach you in a maximum of 2 weeks with no shipping charges.

In exceptional and urgent cases we can also deliver the product faster as per the client's need and request.

Accessories Abode

To make Adorona a one-stop shopping destination for you and your bridal party, we also now have bautiful hairbands, veils, gloves and more wedding accessories in store for you at very affordable prices.

Where are we located?

We are a privately held Chinese company with our production and distribution hub at Shanghai.

Our Vision:

Every Adorona dress brings a smile and a reason to celebrate for our customers.