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Global Street Fashion: Inspiration for Your Wardrobe


Streets around the world are chock-a-block with fashion inspiration if you like experimenting with style and are bold enough to pull it off. Given its fluid nature, it’s not possible (or desirable) to define street fashion. Any attempt to do so will lead to generalizations and stereotyping. There are, however, certain characteristics to it which can be said to be universal in nature.

In general, an edgy creativity and a scant regard for rules define this style. The focus is on individual self-expression, the combinations are unabashed, and inspiration is drawn from multiple sources. Some of it looks jarring and garish, but a lot of it is practical and can impart a much needed dose of spunk to a jaded wardrobe.

With a firm eye on practicality, we bring to you the more sober ... Read Full Article

Summer 2013 Trends: How To Be In Style For The Hottest Days


Your complete guide to a stylish and breezy summer

Silky hair, a baby pink dress, flowers in full bloom, and a morning wrapped up in a soft golden halo. Summers come with the prettiest of snapshots, don’t they?

But romantic though this picture maybe, for most of us summers are anything but. They are a sweaty, sticky, frizzy affair, with clothes that are often too unforgiving toward our love handles. And while the inspiration on international runways is endless, day-to-day fashion is constrained by practical and financial considerations (and a merciless sun, if you live somewhere very hot).

The key to having a great summer is to keep things simple. Stick to the right colors and fabrics for you. Wear more of shorts, harem pants, loose pants, skirts, loose an... Read Full Article