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2013 Trends

Summer 2013 Trends: How To Be In Style For The Hottest Days


Your complete guide to a stylish and breezy summer

Silky hair, a baby pink dress, flowers in full bloom, and a morning wrapped up in a soft golden halo. Summers come with the prettiest of snapshots, don’t they?

But romantic though this picture maybe, for most of us summers are anything but. They are a sweaty, sticky, frizzy affair, with clothes that are often too unforgiving toward our love handles. And while the inspiration on international runways is endless, day-to-day fashion is constrained by practical and financial considerations (and a merciless sun, if you live somewhere very hot).

The key to having a great summer is to keep things simple. Stick to the right colors and fabrics for you. Wear more of shorts, harem pants, loose pants, skirts, loose an... Read Full Article