" I received the dress on Friday morning when I was still in London.

It is absolutely fabulous even better than I expected and it fits perfectly. It makes such a difference to feel cotton rather than polyester on the skin! My tango teacher is back in London on the 3rd of September, I will make a video dancing tango with the dress as soon as he is back.

The dress, as I choose ivory, looks very delicate, can you please let me know what the washing/caring instructions are. "

Thank you,

Simona Ferrari,
London, United Kingdom, 2013-6-15

" You are the best! Thank you for such wonderful communication with me! The flower pots are beautiful! Thank you for rushing these! I have hardly ever worked with such great customer service as i have you! I will be sure to recommend Adorona.

Thank you again, it was WONDERFUL communicating with you! :) "

Robyn Heptig,
Pennsylvania, United States, 2013-5-17

" Yes! I received the dress yesterday. Thank you very much, I am very happy with the dress and it fits perfectly. I was also very impressed with the quality of the dress and how it was packaged for shipping.

The time taken from order to delivery was fantastic, I am very happy that it was delivered so quick!

I will definitely leave good feedback on your website and have already started recommending Adorona to all my friends in Australia.

Thank you for all your assistance and I look forward to my next purchase with you! "

Kind regards,

Melissa Kinsela,
NSW, Australia, 2013-4-19

" I would like to thank you so very much for my beautiful dress. The sizing of my dress came out absolutely perfect, except for the length. The length needed to be altered 6inched on the inlay and 5 1/2 inches on the outlay.

My suggestion would be to take in consideration taking the length measurement as well. This way no alteration would need to be made. Also it arrived in a timely manner. I greatly appreciated that.

Again I thank you for your beautiful work!!

Best of Luck, Best Regards. "

Cyd Smith
Hawaii, United States, 2013-3-25

" Hi,yes,I did receive it and everything looks good. Thank you. The seamstress we use is so busy we don't even get to see her until this Saturday. I think we are going to keep the dress, because my daughter loves it. Don't worry about altering it for me, I appreciate that you would do it for free for me, I will pay to have it done. Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful customer service, I will definitely buy from you again. "

Mari Akopyan,
California, United States, 2013-3-26

" I would like to thank you for the product and the fast delivery service that you guys have. The product is nicer and in better shape than I expected. It is the same as advertised and I would defiantly buy from you again. "

Thank you,

Helen Toma,
California, United States, 2013-3-28

"Thank you very much, i really appreciate your work on the dress."

Sarah Crapser,
Vermont, United States, 2013-08-22

"Well,thank you so much for your excellent customer service, i had the dress here on time."

Cyrus Farzaneh,
Texas, United States, 2013-07-13