FAQ of Adorona

Payment & Inquiries

What is Adorona's customer service phone number?

Adorona's telephone number is +86-21-31396070 and please call us at the time of GMT+8. Emails are highly recommended.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept 5 payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Moneybookers
  • Western Union
  • Bank wire transfer

Please be noted, we only offer Paypal and credit card through Paypal when you checkout on our web store, if you'd like to pay with other methods, please contact our customer service to help you.

I need help with my dress style, what kind of dress do you recommend?

Please contact us at customerservice@adorona.com with any style questions you may have. Please let us know which occasion the dress is for and we will be able to give you style recommendations.

What is the best way to ask a question?

Please contact us anytime via our online contact form or directly via email at customerservice@adorona.com.

How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?

Our website features an SSL secure connection during the transaction, keeping your information secure and private. Please note that the charge on your statement will appear "Adorona.com".

Product & Customization

Does Adorona offer customization options? What is the cost?

Adorona offers a size customization options for dress. Chosen during the order process for each individual product, customization is FREE of charge. Go Shopping to find your ideal product, customize it now.

I want a particular design, can you create a special product for me?

If there is something you would like to add additionally, please contact us at customerservice@adorona.com.

Can I request my dress to have a different lining color?

Lining color is same as the color of shell fabric in general. We don't suggest to use different color of them. If you still prefer to have a different linling color please contact us at customerservice@adorona.com.

I forgot to add a customization to my order. Is this still possible?

Please contact us at customerservice@adorona.com and we may be able to add this customization if the order has not yet been sent to our tailor. Please note that making changes to customizations may delay your order.

What style is best for me?

Our customer service is happy to assist you with any specific style inquiries that you may have. Please contact us directly at customerservice@adorona.com.

How many days in advance should I order before my wedding?

You should give yourself a minimum of 30 days, but we recommend getting your order in 45 days prior to the wedding date. This will leave a good amount of time if alterations or a remake is necessary.


How are the measurements I submit online used to create my Adorona custom dress?

The measurements you submit via the self-measurement process are not your final dress measurements, but used as a basic size to guide us in creating your perfect fitting dress. At Adorona, your dress goes through a 3-step measurement review process to ensure ideal fit:

  • You measure yourself using our picture as a guide
  • Our team may adjust your measurements based on the cut standards for someone with your weight and height.
  • An Adorona Master Tailor then further refines your measurements based on his years of experience of hand cutting dress.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

No. Adorona's measuring process was designed so anyone can measure themselves with the help of a friend in 10 minutes. We find the best success comes from not using a tailor as our measurement system is unique and created for easy at-home use.

Can I base my measurements on a well fitting dress that I own?

Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measurements used for other clothing brands. All Adorona orders are custom tailored to match your physical measurement profile, and for this reason we are unable to accept measurements from any dress that you own from another manufacturer.

Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?

We prefer you use our easy to follow "Get Measured" process. Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measuring methods used at a traditional tailor. If a tailor measures you the way that dress his tailoring style, it may cause discrepancies and ill-fitting dress. If you still prefer to visit a tailor to be measured, please contact us at customerservice@adorona.com and we will send you a Tailor's Form to limit any issues.

I want to change measurements on my current order, is this possible?

Depending on the stage of your order, Adorona can adjust as desired. All orders are given a 24-hour grace period to make changes to the measurements.

If the order is marked 'Delivered', your measurement profile is unable to be adjusted. This is done to ensure our tailors produce your dress properly and it is delivered to you in a timely fashion. Upon receipt of your order, you are very much encouraged to take advantage of Adorona's industry leading Perfect Fit Promise.

I am not as skinny as the model in the photos, will Adorona's dress still fit me?

Adorona's dresses are 100% custom made specifically to your measurement profile. No matter what your size or body type, our dresses are built to flatter. Upon receipt of your order, we encourage you to take advantage of our industry leading 100% Perfect Fit Promise to ensure your dress fits exactly the way you want.